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If you take two minutes to sit down and think about all the things you have done in your life that made you happy, what would all these events have in common?

There are times in life when you are more likely to ask yourself these kinds of questions. Often it’s the experience that brings more depth to your judgment. With distance, you can put things into perspective. You understand that you have often been unhappy for details, but also that you have taken certain things for granted. You were happy, but not really aware of it …

When I was a little guy …
Today, when I think of the days when I was a little guy, I can’t help but smile. What makes me smile, has nothing to do with the bad shots or the jokes I could do with my friends.

I grew up in the Mont St-Hilaire region in a developing neighborhood bordered by a large wooded area. In summer, I spent my days with my friends living BMX adventures, building cabins in the woods or exploring nature. In winter, we spent hours building forts or finding new slopes to go sliding. Between you and me, if there is at least one period of our existence where we didn’t care about the temperature, it is well in our childhood where we spent our time playing outside!

One memory that particularly marks me is the slope of the sick where I went to my father’s workplace. Every night after school, I picked up my sleigh and my friends and we climbed the mountain feeling in advance the excitement that this dizzying descent would bring us. In my memories, climbing this Everest was a real expedition. But as the game was worth the candle, we never questioned the effort required to reach the top. Unconsciously, there was a link between the pride in taking up this physical challenge and the intensity of the delirium that invaded us during the descent. Yes, there were difficult slopes for me to climb, but they were also less fun to descend.

From a very young age, I always liked to play outside. Today, when I think back to the days when I was a little boy, I miss the moments when we were outside to learn together to face challenges. For me, there is nothing more united than a gang of humans who encourage each other to push their limits. There’s no better place than nature to bond. Outside, technology loses its grip on us and we start to communicate without intermediaries, in a more instinctive and authentic way.

Even though I have changed since then, I still want to climb mountains like when I was a little guy. The difference is that even if there is no slide going down, there is still a gift whose shape I ignore the other side of each peak that I reach. And that’s the beauty of growing up, being able to understand that the passing of time does not come back. Don’t waste your time! Just like when you were little and find a mountain to suit you. Nature will always remind you of where you come from.