The adventure also continues on 2 wheels

When we put our skis under our feet, when the snow is pristine in front of us, when the mountain invites us to go up, to go down, to go around, we become again a small child eager for exploration. Borders fall and we enter the world of “possibilities”.

Adventure is the essence of La Cordée Boutique, it is what makes its employees vibrate, which gives meaning to all the beautiful products that we find there and that we offer you. Whether for adventure skiing, off-piste skiing, fat biking , cycle tourism or the urban jungle.

This year, La Cordée Boutique has worked hard to stay at the forefront. We have increased our selection of products in adventure skiing (high road skiing and telemark) by offering new brands such as Salomon and Völkl . We have diversified our offer at Dynafit and at Blizzard , with the addition of the zeroG range. All this to complete our already full wall with Dps , G3 , Black Diamond , Raccoon and Rossignol. Our selection in the world of splitboard is also expanding with the addition of Jones products to those of G3and Arbor .

Our concern to offer exciting and different alternatives also affects the world of off-piste skiing. The Alfa, Asnes and OAC companies are entering the store. Synonymous with quality and durability, these companies bring a touch of timeless history. It is as if Roald Amundsen and Jack Rabbit, incredible explorers who have pushed, each in their own way, the limits of the territory in cross-country skiing, come to join our team.

The adventure also continues on 2 wheels with the fat bike which occupies a special place on our floor in winter. La Cordée Boutique has a full range of quality products which bite well in the snow, which are very practical at less than 20 below zero and which allow you to go far, very far. We love to ride a fat bike and we want the only pretext for not doing it to be the day after waking up with too much water, so we have a variety of accessories in store: Revelate bag, Bar Mitts, large selection of tires with or without nails, 45NRTH products, large format bottle holders and more.